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More new music! Incoming Original Content - Diggz OST!

2013-03-19 14:14:42 by EliteFerrex

Hey guys, I've got new music coming in over the next few weeks, all original music for the OST to another new game from Curtis Scifres called Diggz, which is the side-story to the upcoming Battle Turtle 2. It's a puzzle/action game with 40 different levels and a total of 6 brand new tracks made by your truly, professional-quality voice acting, a sweet tech-style interface, and some HARD boss battles.

I've released two song from the game so far, which you can find by following the links below. I hope you enjoy them, and keep an eye out for more coming soon!

Powered by the Soul - Title Screen BGM

Heating Up - Molten Core Stage BGM

More new music! Incoming Original Content - Diggz OST!


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