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My first album: NOW AVAILABLE!

Posted by EliteFerrex - December 12th, 2014

After making electronic music for almost 9 years, I'm proud to announce that I've officially released my first musical album, The Sound Within. It has just gone live on iTunes, and should be available on Amazon, Google Play, and others soon to follow.

It's a group of 6 of my best songs, all unreleased before now, and entirely original. I'm extremely excited about it, and I can't wait to be able to show it to everyone who has supported and encouraged me, from the early days to the level of talent I've come to realize through my love for music.

The tracks are, in order:

Ignition     Drifting Deep      Zero Hour       Slipstream       Altitude      Alpha and Omega (2014 Mix)

Alpha and Omega, as you likely guessed, is a modernized version of my old tracks "Omega" and "Alpha".

I'd like to give specific thanks to four very special people: three who have impacted me greatly as a composer, and one who has helped create my image as an artist.

Halcyonic Falcon X, I owe you much of my inspiration and drive to continue composing. I've been enchanted with your work time and time again, and had you not come into my life, shared with me your knowledge of production, your spirit of creativity, and your wonderful friendship, I may never have become the composer I am today. You continue to inspire me with your unique creations, and your general excellence as a human being. Thank you, Phy. May you live and dream in harmony.

Shane the Pain, you have been perhaps my biggest confidant in my dream to create an album. You helped me get into the flow of truly feeling the pulse of my music, understanding that it's not just the notes and the beat that make the song, but the emotions that are conveyed to the listener, and to me as the composer. Many of my songs are laden with more emotion than I can vocalize, and you were able to feel every one of them. You shared my passion with 8-bit Inferno, and listened with me when I finished Drifting Deep, the first track of my album, that YOU, Shane, YOU inspired me to compose. Thank you, Shane. You're like a brother to me. 

Curtis Scifres, you are what I suppose I'd have to call my biggest fan. Ever since we first came in contact through Newgrounds, you've always been eager to hear my latest creations, and that has been a great source of motivation for me time and time again. You pushed me to create so much original content, much of which still sits among my favorite compositions. You've helped me achieve the dream of being a video game music composer, and although our combined work has had its share of ups and downs, I look forward to furthering our endeavors in the future. Thank you, Curtis. Here's to our mutual success.

And finally, Sean Finkle, my brother, I have you to thank for the creation of my artist logo, as well as my album artwork. You've always given my music a listen (even when you weren't thrilled with it!) and when we've been driving in your car and one of my old songs comes on, you've always cranked up the volume as we blasted my music out the windows, completely foreign to the outside world. You have been a strong motivator for me, always pushing me to create more original content, and not just covers of other songs. I see this album as a triumph in originality, and part of that triumph is yours to share. Thank you, Sean. I hope you continue to flourish in your creativity, both as an artist and a voice actor.

With that being said, the link to download the album from iTunes is available at http://bit.ly/1vHmO3u

UPDATE: Album is now available on Google Play and Amazon MP3! Search for EliteFerrex!

If you do download the album, PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT, and let me know what you think of it!1312619_141836259143_TheSoundWithin.png

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Whoo! :D

Lovin it, Ferrex :D