Unleash --The Sound Within--!

2015-03-01 01:57:18 by EliteFerrex

Greetings, Newgrounds! EliteFerrex here, and with exciting news!


I'm proud to announce that my first album, The Sound Within, is now available for streaming here on Newgrounds! All 6 tracks from the album are now available on my Audio Page for your listening pleasure!


***UPDATE: If I start getting album downloads, I'll post alternate versions of some of the tracks so that they look continuously!***


If you enjoy the tracks, I would be extremely grateful if you'd consider purchasing the full album on iTunes, Amazon MP3, or Google Play by following the links below! Thank you so much for your support!

P.S. - Zero Hour is my personal favorite.


Erich (EliteFerrex)

Download The Sound Within from Google Play

Download The Sound Within from iTunes

Download The Sound Within from Amazon MP3



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2015-03-01 02:30:43

Excellent! Checking out Ignition right now. Already loving it.
When I'm not scraping pennies out of the couch, I'll buy it on amazon. lol

EliteFerrex responds:

Thank you so much! Please share those tracks with your mates; they're the pinnacle of my musical achievements thus far!


2015-03-01 05:30:24

Keep going. Against the Odds is my most incredibly favorite song of yours! It's just astonishing.

EliteFerrex responds:

Thank you for your kind words and your continued support! I hope you enjoy the album!


2015-03-06 05:54:29

Sweet, I finally get to buy an album of yours and show support for one of my fav Newgrounds musicians :3 Love the tracks, hope you release more in the near future ^^


2015-03-23 11:35:56