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So, after seeing this game's name pop up on a WHOLE bunch of my 8-bit music and meaning to get over here and play it, I've finally gotten around to doing so and had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!

I've never played a right/left shooter before, so this was a new experience for me, and I'm always extremely excited to play a game that's had my music put in it, so this was overall a great deal of fun.

Very well done; a simple, but fluid design that makes the game truly enjoyable. Hope to see mroe in the future!

I've been waiting!!

Thank you for making such an awesome game, Curtis. I've played through the game multiple times already and it never gets old! This last time through I set the 3rd place score, so I'll be coming back to claim the #1 spot soon!

Thank you as well for the opportunity to have so much of my music showcased into a single game of such epic proportions. You've really impressed me. :D

Played through it many times; it's still great!

I've since gotten much faster at completing the game, but ever since the first time I played all the way through, I've loved how it works. The graphics are great, the music fits perfectly, and the premise is simple (yet very complex).

I dare say this deserves a sequel. 10/10, 5/5.

Undeniably the absolute best RPG on Newgrounds!

I've played this game through multiple times, and I still love it!

GREAT Points:
- Large variety of moves
- Ability to swap swords for different effects
- Ratio of MP required for attacks was accurate
- Excellent choice of music!
- Very distinct, seperate traits for the two characters
- Attack animations/SFX were astounding!
- EPIC "Brace for _____" attacks gave a real adrenaline rush in Boss fights!

Points for improvement:
- Although fair, 100% success rate of moves with "Seal" effect gets rather frustrating over time
- Possible addition of third character? That would REALLY make the entire game infinitely more fun! =D
- Addition of more items in the shops and maybe a lesser cost to be able to diversify would spice up gameplay slightly, and offer more options to the players.
- Possible addition of status effect moves under W. Magic or added status effects from attacks like "Burn," "Freeze," "Paralysis," and maybe a Purification move that affects the entire party?

Anyway, overall, this was still an amazing game, and I commend you verily for its creation. Keep up the good work!

Great, but it broke during the final boss.

I was fighting the final boss, and ___________ him to damage him (don't want to spoil it for anyone), and I disappeared and fell through the ground forever. I was doing so well, too! =(

But anyway, I again congratulate you on an extremely addicting rhythm-based game, Coolio-Niato. I'm off to go play RhythmBlaster V2. XD 10/10, 5/5.

This... is one of the best! A round of 10's on me!

Let me first begin by saying that this is the most addictive and entertaining Flash game I've played in months.

First of all, Graphics: I love the different kinds of zombies!! Diferent weights, shirts, pants, faces, genders, everything!! The different kinds of weapons are marvelous!!

Next, Style: Who doesn't love blasting away Zombies with every weapon you can find holding them off by finding survivors who also like blasting away zombies? =D

Then, there's Sound: Again, great-- especially the weapon firing effects!! Every small facet of audible glory makes for an invigorating and impressive gaming experience.

Violence: Blood, bangs, booms, and zombies with flaming shirts... need I say more? XD

Interactivity: I was actually angry when one of my survivors died, actually worrying when the barricade cracked, and actually relieved when it was over. Very involving, indeed.

Humor: Believe it or not, it was actually humorous to blast Zombies away, and to watch old guys with gray hair behind the barricade helping me do it! The best part of all: Finding the last weapon and raining terror down upon those flesh-eating sons-a-bitches!! >=3

You, my friend, have created a truly marvelous work of art. You have a talent that many strive for, and few find, so thank you for making good use of it, and "Wow"-ing the whole of Newgrounds. Keep up the great work!!

Elite Ferrex

P.S. - I've replayed this game about 3 times now... ^-^

This is what Puzzle Games are supposed to be like!

You've put together an excellent game, here! It's fast-paced, VERY addicting, and the concept is simple enough to easily grasp, yet challenging enough to make you keep coming back to try and outdo yourself.

I especially like the smoothness of the animations during rotation and release of the blocks, and the futuristic feel that the actual gameplay interfacer has to it. I thought it was cool at first, but I only thought that you could align blocks vertically. Upon discovering that they could align horizontally, it added a completely new dimension to the game, and made it even more fun!

As for actual gameplay, you did very well in creating a user-friendly interface. The best part about this game is that when you pull of a big chain of combos, you get a feeling of "Aww, sweet!" If you decide to make a second one, I would suggest a couple of small additions, like having the mouseover column be highlighted, and maybe a few more music tracks and sound effects. (I know space is limited, but you can do it!) Overall, GREAT game, and I look forward to more in the future!

Being white means nothing-- This game ROX!!

The game was actually creative, and the ability to duck for safety under a little hat is awesome! To all those who can't beat the last boss: YOU'RE DUMB!! Wait until the hammer is up, then bomb him. Then get behind him, cut the cords 4 times, and after each time you cut a cord, duck, and he'll push you out. BLAM!! Will is victorious!!

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