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8-bit, VG, and Techno

2009-06-17 14:55:41 by EliteFerrex

Since I haven't made a news post since about a year ago, I figure it's time to update and let everyone know what I do, for the most part.

Mostly all of the songs I make are remixes of old Video Game series, most often from Megaman or Sonic, but also from some less common titles. I've done quite a few of these, in fact, and highly encourage you to check out my Audio page for some mixes I think you'll enjoy!

Secondly, as my way of paying tribute to the NES and all of its magnificent music, I have composed a small series of original 8-bit tracks that can also be found on my Audio page. Really proud of those ones, and I think you'll like them, too, if you're into 8-bit as much as I am.

Lastly, every once in a while I'll come up with a techno or trance song of my own making, and decide to post it up here as a means of finding out what people think about it.

That's pretty much it; EVERY VG and 8-bit song I make is dedicated to gamers all across the world, in hopes that, as is said in SkyMarshall's audio track, Turrican [Freedom], "We still remember the music, and the music was the force in 'em all." Amen, SkyMarshall.

Take care; hope to see you around my page!

8-bit, VG, and Techno