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Very well done. Congratulations!

Beautifully composed, perfectly mastered, diverse in sound, and extremely audibly aesthetic. I love the haunting melody that accompanies the powerful, yet reserved bassline, and the choir in the background was phenomenal. I really have to give you props on a masterpiece of an audio creation; well done.

Sounds great!

And to the fella below me, this song is a remix of the title screen of Megaman III. =)

Definitely meets my approval!

I very much like this track, both for its calmer, ambient aspects, and its simultaneous igh-energy beat. I could definitely see this being used as an actual dance song at some introvert-gamer rave party, absolutely.

I like that everything blends together well, as the original song did. You've actually made me want to remix my own version of this song, now! Yours definitely beats mine, hands down. Kudos to you for a masterful track.


Darkmoor responds:

thx man. the reason I remixed my own version was becouse I listened to yours hehe. Make a remix of it and I will probably make another aswell :)

Great work, Yeoh.

Like this song very much, and might end up trying to find a crack for FL 9, now. Been using a cracked FL 7 for a long time, but if there are samples as nice as these in FL 9, I'm willing to switch. But, aside from that...

Great percussion/bass combo; I knew I was going to DL this as soon as I heard it. I like the light background synths that are present throughout most of the song, and that you keep the original kick/bass pattern constant throughout without it becoming old.

Overall, great job. Definitely kicks the pants off of the quality of what I make. Most of my mixes are re-done tracks from video games, and in a techno/trance style, but nothing of this caliber. Drop by sometime if you feel like it.

5/5, 9.5/10 (Which means I had to give you 10 stars. ;D )

Best of luck in the Future,

P.S. - If you wouldn't mind, send a PM my way. I'd lie to have you email me a version of this song in High Quality, like 320 kbps or something.

DjYeoh responds:

Yeah sure, pm me your e-mail, i'll send it :D btw thanks for your review and vote! appreciate it

Very well done track.

Has a good, constant beat that drives the song onward, and lots of ambient synths that really complete the Trance effect. Also, in case you haven't figured it out yet...

Congratulations on getting #3 of this week's Audio portal Top 5!


TerraNation responds:

Hehe thanks for passing by, Yea figure that out iwas and hope its good choise of the song thought but thanks for listning and comment /TN

Well done!

I most definitely approve! Quite enjoyable to listen to, and, inspiringly, the first time one of my tracks has been remixed. Thanks!

rtnario responds:

Thanks for letting me remix your track in the first place; glad you like it.

Nice piece of work.

Well put together song. Very much enjoyed the flow from beginning to end. It sounds like it was made from a MIDI, in my opinion, but if it isn't, that just means you did an amazing job re-creating the notes. Well done, I commend your efforts!

Check me out sometime,

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Everything I make is from scratch. Glad you like

Haha; wow.

It sounds better hearing it online rather than playing over my FL Studio, that's for sure; I'm a little less critical when I know I can't change it anymore. XD

Nice working with you, Tik.

Tik115 responds:

Likewise ^_^

Sounds like...

Armored Core!

I listened to this song all the way through three times after downloading it, and then stopped because I felt like playing a mecha game. XD

I very much enjoy the variations in the SFX that you used, and the way that it keeps its energy level pounding from beginning to end. Nice work, overall.

Check me out sometime!


12345678987654321lkj responds:

yo!!!... just kidding, LOL. thanx for the review and I will

Actually, not bad.

(First off, don't take the 8 badly, because I DO like this song.)

I like the ambient background feel that it has; I could listen to this while playing a puzzle game of some sort. My only thought is that, perhaps the percussion was slightly louder than it should have been in comparison to the synth and piano in the background.

I also noticed what you said about only doing remixes, and forgetting about original songs. I'd recommend against the idea, because you really get much more satisfaction when you crate something that is completely your own. Just because your scores might not reflect as highly upon your original work, don't give up on it! I do lots of video game remixes, too, and I DO enjoy it, but my favorite songs are the ones I make myself.

Anyway, good work here. I liked what I heard, and that's what counts. Nice job on the percussion, again. Very funky beat you've got here. =)

Peace and Respect,
EliteFerrex (Erich)

P.S. - Check out my page sometime if you like Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman, and other video game or techno songs; I might have some stuff that's right up your alley!

classicblue responds:

Thanks for the feedback man I really appreciate it. I will keep in mind what you said and we will see what happends. I will most definitely check your works out and see what you got. Thanks again for the positive feedback.

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