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Actually, not bad.

If you like this type of Industrial stuff, let me recommend an artist to you, not on Newgrounds, but as his own band. Search around on either Limewire or something for music by Assemblage 23. Or, contact me and I can send you some! ^^

Ahh, what a classic song...

And what a bombin' remix, too!

I like how your choice of synths add energy to the original beat, but don't make it overpoweringly strong.

The original song Zelda II: Adventure of Link was strong, but it was still meant to be background music, and that's why this song works so well; it's got power, but not so much that it would eliminate attention to any and all other things going on.

You make use of some synths I happen to like, as well. ^^

I'd say you did a marvelous job here, chap, and I await your next submission, as always!

Elite Ferrex

theDargoranMusician responds:

Thanks for the support here! Can't believe Fountain of Dreams is going better than this!

Very, VERY nice!

I really liked this one, especially the deep bass you have going on. The higher synths have both a higher, scratchy portion, and a softer, but still loud portion, and they combine rather well!
The track makes you want to hear what's coming up next-- it's a treat for the ears just as it progresses onward.

Great job! I've been waiting for more from you!


This sounds like something I'd expect to hear out of a part in a first-person shooter game in campaign mode, after beating the final boss, and trying to escape before his vessel self-destructs.
Very cool, and the deep strings add a high-tension feel to it.

Great job!

Not bad, but...

Well, this one didn't really grab my attention as heavily as some others you've done.

I'm not quite sure why, but... the bass just seemed a little over-echoey, in my opinion.

I really don't know quite what to say... it just didn't sound right! PLEASE don't take this badly, I just... I don't know...

I'm sorry!
Elite Ferrex

P.S. - I'm not trying to totally flame your song here, so please son't take it that way!! T-T

Marth234 responds:

It's alright just giving me something to improve apon so nothing bad about that. Didn't grab your attention huh? Well i'll make the next sone a little grabyer.

Marth OUT!!

GREAT synth effects, but no percussion!

Let me keep this one short and sweet:

-Awesome, awesome, AWESOME job on the synths.
-I do think percussion would help this a lot.

Definitely sounds very cool!

Sorry to cut it so short,
Elite Ferrex

P.S. - I have to ask you, though, do you use MIDI's? o.o

Marth234 responds:

Thanks. Yes i do and i never get the space to include the original author though so... yea. I'll try to fint it next time, though.

Marth OUT!!


A nice techo/funk combo, here. I like that the bass is very audible, and the percussion that you chose. Entertaining, to say the least. Something that would go well in a ranking screen of some sort.

Overall, nice work. Nice to see ya post something new! ^^


Very nice Remix, my friend. I like your choice of main synth, and how you sliced the DL_DrillNB. This has a nice trancey/air feel to it, good for listening to while playing a Tetris game or something. It's got energy, but it's not super-hardcore or anything. Overall, very nice. J00 6375 |\/|41 73|\|!!

arcanedragon-2004 responds:

Thanks dude, I appreciate it. I like your flying battery zone remix too. Most of the remixes you do for video games are from games I like, so consider me a fan!

Very nice feel.

This kinda song seems perfect for some kind of puzzle game or something like that.

I like the mild melody that you begin with-- it puts the rest of the song into perspective and sets up the listener for what's to come.

Another good song-- keep it up!


theDargoranMusician responds:

Thanks for the review! I think I am starting to get the hang of this ^^;;


I'm making this the sound for when I start my computer! ^^ I very much enjoy how you put the "disko" in "diskoveree." Good synths, good beat, and a good selection of notes!

The only thing that struck me was that there were a couple of times that it seemed like there were some notes clashing, and even then they weren't that bad. So, don't be discouraged any! Keep it up! ^-^

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