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One word: Fantastic.

You hit the spot, Karco.
HIGH energy, a nice choice of saw, absolutely marvelous job equalizing everything, and I have to commend you on making a 10-minute+ song. I can't even TOUCH that one.
*sigh* It's a beautiful thing, Trance music. Great work, here. I hope B0UNC3 reviews this himself. XD


P.S. - Check out my stuff sometime; mostly VG remixes, but yeah. Peace.

Karco responds:

Nice to know you think so. :D

As for B0UNC3... so do I. XD

Thanks for the review! :D I'll be sure to check out your stuff, and if I can, I'll tell you what I think, too. :)

Holy CRAP!! Energy OVERLOAD!!

I was just about to fall asleep, all nice and sleepy, and all of a sudden I say "F-777" in a just submitted audio title.

The eventual result: I've downed an Amp, downLOADED this song, and am now working on making a Stepfile for it for StepMania. THANKS A LOT!! Now not only am I not going to get enough sleep, but I'll have an energy crash right before GOING to sleep. XD

But, seriously, this song is overflowing with energy. I actually liked the 160 BPM part a LOT. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, is there any chance you could get me a version of the whole song in 160 BPM? I know it's a lot to ask, but, (and I know it's hard to believe, but) this would be my all-time favorite song ever downloaded from Newgrounds if it were all in 160. (It's make the stepfile easier, as well. >.<)

Please get back to me, if you wouldn't mind. Congratulations on a song that's gonna shoot up straight to the top with the rest of your marvelous works. =)

Audio face stolen from BassHunter! d|-_-|b,

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much!!! I would say more but i dont know what to say =S. THANK YOU! =D

I can't believe it. o_O

You, sir, have some talent. Regardless of how close this was to the original Pokerap, and regardless of any imperfections in your voice (which is to be expected seeing as how the original version was probably created with extremely expensive recording equipment and cutting and editing), I couldn't possibly give you anything other than a 10 for your combination of great (I'm sure) effort, ballsiness (for having the courage to actually post something with your voice in it), and... well, talent, for being able to somehow fit all those extremely odd names into a pretty decently-rhyming work of audible art. I'm thoroughly impressed.


sonicmega responds:

Ballsiness... that's definitely a noun I haven't heard of before regarding my work, or ANYONE's work for that matter, but it does me good to see that you appreciated this submission so much. I know it may be childish in nature, but it was fun for me, and original if nothing else, knowing nothing of this manner has been produced before for the Sinnoh region.

Thanks for listening in, friend. Hope you'll come back for more!

Magnificent work. A perfect 10.

Great beat, great blend of synth and guitar, and marvelous orchestral SFX.

Simply stated, this is everything I look for in a Boss Battle song. =)

5/5, 10/10, and an immediate download/upload to iPod.

Best regards,

NemesisTheory responds:

Hi again!
I'm really glad you liked the most, moreso that you think it has all it needs in a boss battle song. :D That really means a lot. :)

Thank you for the scores and review! :)

Another Great Piece of Work!

I wouldn't have it any other way, Kriz.
-Excellent mastering here; everything sounds perfectly balanced.
-Lots of energy, and very positive.
-Nice choice of Kick, Snare, Clap, and Hats.
-You're so much better than I am. =P

I really don't know what else to say. Great work. Drop by my page again, sometime.

Always a pleasure,

Definitely a victim of zerobombing; nice work.

Apparently someone felt like picking on a new audio submission just for the hell of it, but I'm here to let you know that this isn't bad at all.

I like the steady pace that it keeps throughout the song, and the usual 140BPM is a good pace for a slow-building song such as this. I do, however have just a little bit of advice for your next submission:

-I noticed that you used the PoiZone Demo, which causes that whistling sound every once in a while, but it actually didn't interfere with the song too much, so no worries there.
-Try to find a little bit lower bass synth to counteract the higher-pitched synths that you used as your lead.

Anyway, if it's okay with yoiu, I'd like to try and remix this song, giving you credit for the original, of course. I like the way it sounds, and would like to try to remix it, if you wouldn't mind. Let me know!

Anyway, 5/5, 9/10, and downloaded. Check out my stuff sometime!


Dj-MilK responds:

hey yea..thanks for the review, im still not done with this one, probly gonna remix it myself...but your more than welcome to remix...as long as i get the credit for the original)))...thanks again for the review..and your totaly right about the zerobombing...fucking people are assholes))

anyways..thanks again..and let me know when you come up with the remix..i wanna hear it...plus if you got any other ideas, let me know.

keep mixing
-Dj Grigorii

It's interesting.

It's missing some bass, for one. It's a very original idea, though; doesn't sound like anything else I've heard on here. I wouldn't call it techno, though. It's halfway between something orchestrated and DnB.

As a matter of fact, I have a proposal for you. If you want to remix my song "Dance to My Trance," then I'd like to remix this song. Get back to me.

8/10, 4/5. Nice work, overall.


firebanesword responds:

Sure! I'd be glad to have you remix this! I'll PM you about it.
Thanks for the review!

Another good one, regardless of age.

Very nice slow, calming song. Nothing too hard, so it makes for good background music when I'm studying or playing NES (even though NES tunes totally rock!) I like the bass, and the airy, uplifting feel that the song has to it. A fine piece of work, as usual.
10/10, 5/5, and downloaded/added to iPod.

Thanks for another great tune,

Extremely ear-pleasing; reminds me of ATB.

That's a good thing, mind you; ATB's one of my favorite composers. I love how the song evolves and the beat changes from the way it begins to the traditional 4-on-the-floor Dance beat later on. You have some great synths, and a marvelous ear for notes. 10/10, 5/5, and a download, of course. =)


P.S. - How DID you get that ATB-esque synth?

SkyMarshall responds:

Good find there :) Everytime I use this kind of synth, I think of ATB as well. I was a fan when he did it big a while back. However, the synth is pretty common actually. I think I used Pro-53 for this one if Im not mistaking. Its in all the major VST's to in some shape or form. But its easy to create, just take a clean sine-wave and play around with it until you are happy with the result. Thanks a bunch for your review here. Makes me smile on a boring as hell day at work.

Very creative lead synth! Astounding!

This one is different than the others, and I still enjoy it. Great job. I love the bass, I ADORE the lead synth, and the positive sound it carries.

Simply stated, I love the song. Everything. 10/10, 5/5, Download.


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