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"They're on me! I'm gettin' careless!"

Not bad, man. I like how you kept the original style of the song, but didn't make it to similar to the original.

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

my goal was to make it feel like it could really be in the game. the entire time i was making this i just kept picturing me playing the game with this music playing.

I just felt if i went nuts and added a lot of my own stuff to it a lot of people wouldnt like it.

this songs a clasic and it should try to stay that way.

thanks for the review!

glad you liked it!


Forget what LastEncore said...

I think this is a very nice piece of work; it sounds very different from just about anything I've heard from the portal.

I liked that you combined many different instruments, and made something harmonic and enjoyable out of a bunch of miscellanous SFX and simple FL Studio instruments.

Anyway, overall, I voted 9/10, and 5/5, since 9/10 is closer to 5/5 than 4/5. ^^

Good work, and drop by my work if you ever have the urge.


wyldfyre1 responds:

well i'm very glad you liked it! Oh i'm thinking LastEncore was just trying to give me pointers it sounds harsh but he did msg me saying he didn't mean it to be. LOL Just one of those "in your face" reviews yanno? LOL Everyones got their opinions right thats the beauty of newgrounds ^_~. Anyway i'm very glad you liked it.. I do plan on checking out your stuff here soon! Thanks much for this wonderful review.

An amazing piece. Far surpasses even my best.

You're the one that basically inspired me to change my style of music creation, and this song is an example of why. The lead "Supersaw," as you called it, has a mindblowingly powerful sound to it that brings goosebumps to the skin upon first hearing it, especially played over a good sound system. Anyway, detailed review comments follow.

Things I liked most:
-You took a song that was slow, instrumental, and vocal, and turned it into something completely different, and yet equally as audially astounding: a hyped-up remix that's fast, synthesized, and overcharged with energy.
-The Supersaw is a total eargasm. I've tried since to make something that sounded even close to it, and was unsuccessful. Congratulations; it's quite a piece of work.

Things I would have liked:
-A longer Supersaw section, possibly playing simultaneously with the main Square that you used immediately after the Supersaw. Trust me, though, when I say that this is a VERY minor thing.

The verdict: 10/10 Stars, Voted 5/5... Two days in a row, Downloaded, uploaded to iPod.

Great job. Hope to see more.



Actually, no. This is what I'm going to listen to from now on when I play Tetris. XD
4/5 and 8/10.

leadbones responds:

i love you. lol seriously, thanks for the review and score, you rawk!

Dude! Unbelievable!

I can't believe my ears! If this song had any more energy, I'd explode!
I honestly don't know what else to say, just that this is really amazing.

I applaud your mastery.

Rig responds:

Thanks, man! I was fooling around with Nexus and this popped out. :D

Wow. o_O;;

Well, after hearing this, I'm certainly honored that you thought my most recent submission was well done! ^^

*Now Reviewing as I listen*

0:00 - The Beginning! WHAM! It hits you right from the start with a burst of energy from the music! The higher notes convey a beautiful airy feeling from the song; it feels like it's a melody that's trying to "reach" across hundreds of miles to as many ears as it can.

0:45 - There's an intermittent snare roll coming in, and... The kicks disappear; we've reached a break in the music. I like how this lets me listen more closely to the individual synths. It calms down a bit, and the kicks are back again. Snare roll, reverb, silence... Here comes something! o.O

1:23 - Wonderful!! The melody comes full circle, and it's got strings in the background! Every synth works together right here, and it sounds great! I'm brimming with energy, ready to run as far and as fast as I can! The high jabs are back, too! =D

2:19 - Detuned saw notes are now the lead in the song. A nice touch, but my only gripe is that it seems to block out some of the other synths... There seems to be more bass than before, here, also. Which is nice. I guess this part was an attempt to add a section of what would sound a bit more "hardcore."

3:13 - We're beginning to break it down, it seems. Slowly, each synth disappears, and the song fades out. Well, that was definitely worth listening to!

*Downloads* *Rates 10 Stars* Votes 5* *Adds to Favorite Audio*

I certainly hope to hear more from you in the future, Kriz. Check back to my page every now and then, as well.


Kr1z responds:

Great review! thx for every nice word!
Cool start eh xD i like it, its direct and no boring intro stuff :)
Thx for the 5'ing & fav'ing etc!

Not bad!

Not bad at all! I like how you kept it simple, not too loud, and not over-filled with percussion.

The Bass - Nice and simple, and matched the notes very well.
The Synth - Loud enough to hear, and seemed like it went along well with the rest of the SFX.
The Strings - Those string SFX in the background helped the Bass.

As a side note, I haven't heard an F-key Dance song in quite a while. It was a nice change!

9/10 stars, only because I think the only thing missing was a little more ambience toward the end.

Overall, good job, and come check me out sometime!

VanLuis responds:

Hey thanks, actually because this song was a bit simple i thought people wouldn't like it ^^

Thanks for the comment, i'll keep in mind your advice ^^

By the way, im pretty new in this and i dunno what is an "F-Key Dance" hehehehe ^///^

Well done!

Very well composed, indeed. I was only going to rate it a 9 until the high flute came in, and that just made me smile. 'Twas a nice touch. Keep up the good work!

Very nice!

I like this, actually. It's plain and simple, yet still plenty entertaining as to refrain from becoming annoying.
Strangely enough, it reminds me of a slightly less energetic Armored Core BGM.
Anyway, overall, I like this.

The only reason I voted 9/10 is because the ending was a little abrupt; (something that I have to get better about fixing in my own music, as well, so you have to go vote on my stuff, too! XD)

Hope to see more stuff from you!

Thou hast been reviewed: EliteFerrex

Awesome Bass, Awesome Beat, Awesome Synths!

Wow. That's all I can say is just... Wow. =)

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