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Sure, it's not perfect, but...

This song is overall very satisfying to the ear. Being an avid fan of Megaman X myself, I definitely wish this song had been looped a little more, and wasn't offset at the beginning, but I'll DL it anyway. Thanks for a good tribute to Spark Mandrill!

(P.S. - Lol at his PWNAGE with Shotgun Ice.)

Hah! I figured it out!

I was waiting to hear what you meant by "the part in the middle," and then I heard it!
A nice piece of work you've got here, even for the beginning stages. Before your final release, I'd suggest trying to add some personal touches to the main synths that you used, like the Eurogate, for example. Strategically placed Reverb would help it along, as well. If you don't mind, I'm in the middle of making some 8-bit tracks, and I'd like to try making this song into an 8-bit. If that's cool, let me know!

Check out my audio, too, if you get time!


redcru92 responds:

NIce! Thanks for your input. Is fine with me if you want to make it 8-bit, but do you want to wait until i release the actual one, or just do it based off of this? Either one is fine, so go right ahead! Again, thanks for your comments.

There you go, Youri.

Well done! Definitely a much better piece of work.

It's quite good, but I still think you can do even better! I know you're a big fan of Megaman songs, and this is a song where you've displayed your ability to use your fandom to make a good remix, displaying a real passion for your music. I like this song (I even downloaded it) but I'm waiting for your next piece, which should (hopefully) truly blow my mind. =)

YouriX responds:

oh you wait im so going to make one of my most powerfull remixes ever!! Just hope that i dont choke. And you even downloaded my song? Awsome!! Now im gonna try even harder! thanks for the help and the support!

Great job!

I've always liked this song for the way it differs from most of the other Final Fantasy battle themes (in my opinion).

Nice use of bass and kick, and I LOVE the hats you used! Also, a very good clap sound; although it doesn't sound quite like a clap, which I like even better. =)

Very nice way of blending everything together, yet maintaining the original tune, and complimenting the trance genre. Overall, a great job!

I do lots of VG remixes, myself, so if you want to check some of them out, feel free to drop by my page!

Hope to see you there,

fredrikmiller responds:

Thanks :D

oh I will check them out!

Absolutely amazing.

Permission to Remix, sir.

Pleasing to the ear. =)

Reminds me very much of a song one would hear as the BGM for a town in an RPG. Aside from that, I like how the melody is relatively similar throughout. I also like how it picks up and brings out more energy towards 1:30.

If you don't mind, I'd like to make a mix similar to my song "Hyperspeed (2nd Mic)" that you commented on, but using this song as the framework. If that'd be okay, please let me know; I'd be sure to put your Username and the title of this song in the credits for my own.

Nice work,

Phyrnna responds:

A thank you. I'm glad that it was enjoyable to listen to. ^_^

-HFX ^_^

A touching, inspiring piece of work.

Before I begin, allow me to say that I've heard a few Ambient songs, but never really loved one.

This song has a style and a radiant effect that I haven't found anywhere else. As the song progresses, it makes me think about different happenings in my life, and various sentiments associated with them. It has a deeply serene feeling to it, with very powerful changes throughout.

As far as the specifics of the music, I am thoroughly impressed; this sounds entirely of professional grade work. The piano was greatly enhanced by the perfect amount of reverb, the strings and bass matched flawlessly. You use background sound effects that fit the song, and really work to fill in any gaps in the audio. You really tug at emotions with this one, with a peaceful feeling at the start, a melancholy tone right around 2:58, and a quiet pause right before the emotional burst at 3:58.

Extremely well done, PianoForte. 5/5, 10/10, Downloaded, added to my iPod and Favorites.


PianoFortress responds:

what a wonderful review Ferrex! Thanks alot for taking the time to listen so closely to piece.

Definitely enjoy all 4 loops very much!

Here's my recommendation, if you feel so inclined as to create a fifth short loop:

Remember the song you created before, Mastermind Loop 2, used in your Mastermind Game? That song had a nice feel to it, a tech-ish sound, but still a good beat that was present, but still low enough to make it a BGM. I'd recommend another loop that is similar to that one.

However, very nice work on all of these.

The-Swain responds:

I might do something like that for the intro sequence or something :D Still gotta write that one!

One of my long-time favorites.

I heard this song probably 3-4 years ago, and I listened to it almost constantly for a few months. I'd completely forgotten about this song, and now I've found it again. Seeing as how I've never left a review for it, I figure it's only proper to do so now.

The thing I love most about this song is that it's constantly pumped with energy, except in the middle when you break it down before turning back it up even higher than before. I like your choice of synths, and now that I have FL Studio, I can actually pick out what most of them are! I agree with Genesis below me that a remake of this song would be astounding, but if you did decide to make one, I hope you wouldn't change it too much, because I like this, the original, far too much for it to be exceedingly different.

Anyway, as an audiophile, thank you for contributing one of my all-time favorite pieces. You make my audible life that much better. =)


Completely flawless; a perfect 10.

This sounds exactly like it could be from a major boss battle in a "Tales of" game, although Tales of Symphonia comes to mind, mostly. Very energetic percussion, and a good, audible bass. Orchestral instruments are at the perfect volume (as is the quick arpeggiating synth that pops in at 0:47).

Most of all, I absolutely LOVE what you did right at 1:35; overwhelmingly ear-pleasing. Amazing job, and I can't wait to hear more. 5/5, 10/10, downloaded, Favorited, added to iPod.

Looking forward to your next submission,

NemesisTheory responds:

I actually finished Symphonia! One of my best friends had to import it and used this thing called a... I forgot what's it called... "swap" something for the gamecube to make it work but the game was so awesome XD I remember us playing it togehter for hours! too bad it doesn't work on his wii :/

Anyway! That trip down memory lane aside, I'm glad you liked it!
And yes, I liked that pat too, it was a late-addition but I felt it had to be made for that extra 'oomph' if you will. :)

I'm glad you liked it!
And it won't be too long! :)

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