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This track is like melted butter on a perfectly polished glass sphere, it's so smoOOOooth.

Keep up the great work, man!

JohnMontoya responds:

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me, especially since you influenced my sound so much over the years. :)

You clearly have a good hold on the concept of melodic progression, and that's what makes the sound of this piece so good.

As a fellow 8-bit composer, the piece is not "too sharp", as others have said; that's the way that raw 8-bit synths sound, like it or not. I do agree, however, that it sounds different from the rest of the track because of the lack of bass at the beginning. I would consider adding in a lower bass synth (like a triangle) to round it out and make it match the rest of the track.

Overall, still a nice, thematic track. Good job!

BenTibbetts responds:

Awesome feedback! Thanks very much!

I feel like this track has great potential, in terms of melody. You have a solid sense of progression in here; I feel the only thing it could use is some more powerful instrumentation. If this track had full orchestral instruments and perhaps some rock guitar, it could be something truly phenomenal.

With that said, I like very much what you've done here. Keep up the good work!

FateModified responds:

I completely agree with you. I'll probably redo this song and I will try to add full orchestral instruments as you suggest. I don't have good gear right now for recording guitar tracks, and I've been having trouble trying to get a good rock guitar sound with the virtual instruments in Logic, but I would love to be able to add guitar to it as well. Thanks for listening and for your helpful advice! :)

Congrats on Featured Audio for the week!

Kind of an interesting retake of the original, though I'm willing to bet you could make a few improvements and turn it into something really slammin'! The 8-bit lead square and/or pulse is loud in some areas, and quiet in others, which isn't necessarily bad, but it does lead certain parts of the track to feel a bit out of balance (in my opinion, of course).

Overall a solid endeavor into a medium in which I haven't seen you do much work. Hope to see more!

One of my favorite tracks from Animal Crossing, by far. Beautifully composed, as usual. Simple, bright, and positively inspiring in its treatment of the original melody. Great work!

Great 8-bit sound. I like that it uses many different sounds, and that it never feels empty in the sound spectrum at all. A wonderful listen from beginning to end.

If the beat were a little quicker (not BPM or anything, but just the rhythm itself), I feel like it'd sound similar to a track out of Mega Man Battle Network.

Great work! Love this one!

I think this is perfect track for use in a forest style-dungeon, or as a BGM for a mountain village or something. Love the instruments, and the way the tune really picks up about halfway through.

Keep 'em coming! Fantastic job so far!

NGXmusical responds:

thanks.I'm glad you like:)

A great BGM-style tune, and it's orchestrated, which is rare to see!

I may use this and some of your other stuff in Part 2 of the game I'm making in RPG Maker, if that's alright with you. If you like, I'll give you a link to the first part so you can see what you'd be getting in to.

Anyway, well done on the track, and I look forward to more!

NGXmusical responds:

Awesome to hear!No problem, you can use any work I have on newground.I'd love to see your game that your working on and if you need anything as a request I would be glad to help. For a request I would only charge around 10% of the total budget cost or revenue of the game if there is any.

By the way you have some amazing work yourself:)

Great track, lots of energy throughout.

My only comment is that I feel like it could use a stronger lead melody to carry the song along. The bass and the percussion were great, but it lacked what I felt it needed for that final punch to bring it home.

Overall good work. Looking forward to more!


PhatBoiJ responds:

EliteFerrex reviewing one of my songs? What? O.o Thanks man! Day = Made

Sounds great. Can't wait for the full version!

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